Tony Moly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner Review

This will be a really short review since there isn't really much to say about it, I would just want to share to you guys what I think about it. :)

This is fit for all skin types. As you can see, it's in a long bottle. Well, only the cap/handle grip is long. -.- The bottle that really contains the liquid liner is quite small, it just carries in 4.5mL of the eyeliner!

Anyways! I love love love glittery and shimmery things, so I told myself I definitely have to have this. So I did, lol. This glitter liner is finer than all the Western glitter liners that I have, actually. Finer when it comes to the glitter too. When you apply this on, you won't even get to feel the glitter! It's so light! The glitter looks thick and heavy, but it's not and you won't feel anything. Whenever I need to look awake, I use this glitter liner on the inner corners of my lower eyelids :)

Also, it doesn't really look like a glitter liner. It's just plain shimmery. This glitter liner stays on for a pretty long time. I suggest the girls who love to use glitter liner for the inner corners of their eyes to use this product. :D It's basically just for shiny effects or to highlight the eyeline. It also rapidly dries and it really firmly stays in place so the glitter would last longer. It looks really cute if you put it onto your inner corners or ontop of a white pencil eyeliner.:)

One thing to remember is, be extra careful when you use this. It has a sharp, pointy tip. It does help for better application, and thorough gliding. But then once you poke your eye, it would hurt like heck. So be cautious! :) Just keep practicing on how to apply it, you'll perfect it soon :)

**Bonus. This is what happened when I first got the product :) It's not seen much in the camera, and it looks quite messy because I accidentally scratched my eye -.- It won't be too hard to wash it off though, despite it being waterproof :)


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